Friday, May 05, 2006


When Trolls become a pest, you do not wish them on the Scandinavians (where they are said to live) . You do not feed them. You make it more difficult to feed on creating an emotional annoyance.

What you do is, you create loads of sysops on WiktionaryZ that can act on the first signs of trolling and, you sadly change the reply functionality of this blog to moderated. It means that someone, me, has to approve the reactions to the blog. I do this gladly, because I do not suffer trolls gladly.



Blogger GerardM said...

We are at this moment under a troll attack. Run around, scream and shout act afraid ..

11:09 pm  
Blogger Sabine Cretella said...

Where??? Where???


11:17 pm  
Anonymous Sannab said...

You need a virtual church bell tolling constantly, trolls cannot abide such. *smile*

7:03 pm  

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