Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Babel templates user level 5

Today Nautilus, a user of WiktionaryZ left me a note on my talk page. He proposed to change the babel-5 template from something like "This user speaks English on a professional level" to something like "This user makes use of English for professional purposes".
Now maybe you wonder why that ... well, when it comes to translators it happens that a person is 100% proficient in reading highly qualified technical texts and is a great translator for that, but the actual level of the language would be to be cosidered as 3 and not 4 like most people would assume. Well, speak a language on a professional level does not have a specific meaning. So for people who use a language for work the proposal "This user makes use of English for professional purposes" makes a lot of sense. I would say we should adapt this, so that this becomes clear. Maybe we should also have a look at the other templates in order to make sure they do really reflect a standardised meaning.




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