Saturday, April 15, 2006

When to try to stop a running train

WiktionaryZ is about to become editable. Not as in next month, not as in next week (seven days) but as in this week. It is a moment that fills me with anticipation. It is a moment that will teach us what will work and what won't. I want it badly.

Still, I do want Erik to make one change before we can add translations and synonyms. Without it I prefer not to have it...

What is so important that I want to stop the momentum, even if it is for a day or two? It is the flag that indicated that a translation is a good translation; it is what I call the flag for the IndiginousMeaning.

For the understanding of what a DefinedMeaning, this flag is absolutely essential. The biggest struggle for WiktionaryZ will be to make people understand what this means and how it limits what can be done.

It is truly key that we have this from the start. I hope you forgive me and, that you can wait the extra day.



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