Monday, May 01, 2006

Edit on the relational data of WiktionaryZ

The first edits on WiktionaryZ have been done. This is an exiting time; not only will we learn how will the (pre-alpha) software works, we will also have to make sure that the concept of the DefinedMeaning is ingrained into the ideas of the editors. This means that the flag that indicates that an "identical meaning" is present in the synonym or translations is turned off when the translation is problematic...

Well, actually at this moment my overriding feeling is one of joy, all these problems will sort themselves. Now we can think in terms of solutions; we can add/edit Definitions and add translations and synonyms. Now we can demonstrate that the relational approach in a Wiki environment makes sense. Now we can make a difference .. :)

The first thing we "solved" is expand the list of languages that can be chosen from. To the list that comes with the Gemet, I asked to have Chinese, Russian and Neapolitan added. For these three languages we have people that will do right. They are just the first few new languages, as you know; we want them all..



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