Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Babel templates for 255 languages and counting

In WiktionaryZ we are preparing for when we have editable (relational) content. The Wiki is doing well; we are creating the environment for when we are technically able. When we are, we will slowly but surely invite more and more people to edit.

You can indicate your interest by creating a user and adding the Babel templates for the languages that you are interested in. We use the "Babel" templates that are also used by the English Wikipedia. We do however always allow for "professional users" of a language (think writers, translators and teachers).

We want to use the ISO-639 codes, and even tough we allow for ISO-639-3, we already have situations where we would like to have more languages or good codes for dialects. From this perspective, it would be great to have the "Wiki for Standards" now we have to use our personal contacts and that is much less convenient for many.



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