Sunday, September 10, 2006


WiktionaryZ is to include all words of all languages. To get a relevant amount of information, there are many ways that this can be achieved. For WiktionaryZ, it will be important to have information that is going to be part of the user interface. In order to include all languages, we will need to have all languages in WiktionaryZ. These lists exist, and it is easiest to start with an import of all these language names.

The same could have been done for countries, however there are less of them and as we have started creating creating portals for countries, it made sense to start creating the common names for countries. Having these portals is important because often people do not appreciate how many languages are spoken in a country.. Australia demonstrates this really well.

When more languages are enabled for editing, the list of translations for the countries becomes less complete. In many ways it is an uphill battle to get the information that we need. It is a good thing that we decided on fall back scenario's; it is relatively easy to provide information in English..



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