Thursday, August 17, 2006

Useful .. in some ways yes

When there is a word that I think should be in WiktionaryZ, I add it. Given that we know of Wikipedia, that people want to know about sex sport and the news, I add words that are in the news. Words like "truce" or "Somaliland" could be found on my favorite news site.

The insanely great thing, is that when I add a translation I know it will stay with that meaning of a word and, that for all the translations I add there is an article to access it for the concept for that language as well. As I want to demonstrate that WiktionaryZ does do other scripts, I have added a fair number of words in Greek, Russian, Hebrew and Japanese. Also a fair number of words in Esperanto but that is a different story.

Having many people add words, means that at some stage you cannot add a word .. it is already there. This means that WiktionaryZ starts to become useful in a VERY modest way. The good news is that the content only gets richer. It is no news that many of the issues with our content will have to be addressed when we get richer functionality..

The thing that truly amazes me, is that we are already at a stage where many ordinary words are there.. in many language..

NB since the last post we added Catalan to the list of languages that are supported :)


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