Thursday, August 17, 2006

TMX repository

The first TMX (Term Base eXchange) files were uploaded to WiktionaryZ. Translators use and create these TMX files during their daily work. Of course, confidential information will not be found there, but there are many translations that deal with absolute neutral issues where you don't know who a translation was for and there are plenty of OpenSource and OpenContent projects that can share their translation data in such a way.

This repository can also be very helpful for the localization of Wikipedia contents - imagine all that languages (like many regional languages) - where people have difficulties to write sentences, where alphabetisation level is around 4% ... these can look up how single words were used in other sentences before when they use such files in CAT-Tools like OmegaT. This means that they can imitate correct sentences and improve their language. They will have less hurdles when it comes to write and we obviously can get better quality and more contents in less time.

Then imagine all these countries where people anyway work offline ... they can use the data for their translations and do the same. In many countries, like Africa, online time is very expensive. Working with OmegaT and sharing TMX files they will assure quality and consistent terminology.

I know, we have only two files for now ... I am sure: the repository will grow over time.


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