Friday, September 08, 2006

WiktionaryZ commission

WiktionaryZ has a commission. This commission consists of people who are well known in the community. Also they represent different constituencies. As time goes by, the people that make up this commission change. When people are not really active they may be replaced. When new people become important in the community they may be added when they also represent an important community.

We have asked Sannab to join us in the commission. I am really happy she accepted. Sanna is Scandinavian and we have a lot of Scandinavians at the moment but as important is that she studied both Chinese and Yi. This helps us reach out as well to the Chinese languages.

We have asked Barend Mons to join us in the commission. I am really happy he accepted. Barend is a scientist, he is in the field of bio semantics and he has been asked to join in anticipation of the large number of scientists that are likely to join the project once WiktionaryZ starts to include scientifically important data like the UMLS and others. Barend has been instrumental in securing the collaboration necessary to make this happen.



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