Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The simple wiktionary

As well as doing things to get WiktionaryZ going, I usually have something like 6 bots running on many wiktionaries. With some regularity I do the smaller wiktionaries too. One wiktionary I really like because of it's crisp user interface is the simple wiktionary. Simple intends to be simply easy to use. It does not want to be difficult; when you want more information that it provides, it just refers you to the English wiktionary. It does not do translations, it does not do etymology but it does inflections and it uses colours and layout to good effect.

When I look at this, I want to have something similar for WiktionaryZ.. Now WiktionaryZ does have translations, it will have etymology and everything under the sun it will have everything and the challenge of having a neat user interface is therefore a challenge.

Today I copied from the simple wiktionary a Basic English alphabetical wordlist. This wordlist originally by Charles Kay Ogden, contains 850 words. There is bound to be a lot of theory behind it, for me it helps me remind me that we need both the simple and those difficult words, the words that people often have difficulties pronouncing like "immunoassay", we need them too, but we will also need a way to define them in such a way that people can understand what is meant.



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