Friday, June 02, 2006

What languages to choose

I was given the impossible task to select a minimal group of languages that will be part of the first extension of languages that can add translations to WiktionaryZ. Impossible because what languages to select? What argument for selection would be "neutral and objective" and be accepted as such. What exceptions can we make that can be explained and are acceptable?

What we came with is to start with the languages that are have started the localization of their MediaWiki messages. Most of these languages are currently served really well on the BetaWiki. Some languages have not been imported yet here and the ones I know off will be included as well (for instance Thai). Others like Chinese will not be included, Mandarin will be used in stead.

For all the people who want their language included as well, the answer is obvious, at this stage we are truly at the pre-alpha stage we cannot do everything now. When you make the effort and start localizing the MediaWiki software, you provide a powerful incentive to add yet another language .. We will be happy to accommodate you ..



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