Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some progress

It is one thing to mention that an effort is important, but it only is important when you are willing to do something with it. In my previous post on this blog, I mentioned the internationalization and localization effort that is going on for the MediaWiki software.

We have now linked the information about languages and their systemfiles to both Ethnologue and WiktionaryZ. We have also included a category with the languages that have can be understood as languages under ISO-639-3. The next bit will be to link back from WiktionaryZ to this development Wiki.

One of the things that are still to do is deal with the existing localization for languages like Chinese, Arab, Kurdish and Farsi. The codes that are in use in MediaWiki are now in use as macrolanguages. This means that they represent more than one language. Theoretically it is easy to do, just change the codes but practically it is more problematic.



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