Sunday, November 26, 2006

WiktionaryZ is a wiki and not perfect

One of the contributors of WiktionaryZ who is with us from the start is really into the "minor" languages. There are no newspapers in this language, there are many dialects in this minor language. And now we have this need for a user interface in this language too.

For this stellar worker, this is a problem. As the orthography is not set in stone, what is the correct word for the translations of English, German, Italian? As people will see it all the time, it has to be correct. There is also some reputation involved; when you are seen to be perfect in a language how can you err when everyone will start using what is provided?

I have been many translations in the last few days as well. I have been working hard to add this content on the Dutch Wiktionary. Now I have learned that the names of languages in Russian and Danish are not capitalised. So I will change these when I copy them in. I am not sure for languages like Slovak and Slovene.. I have the choice not to copy them in and leave it for someone else or I can make mistakes and hope that someone cleans up after me.

I am sure that some of the stuff I did needs correction. In the mean time it is an honest effort and, it shows that by making the correction ONCE, we truly benefit from the way WiktionaryZ works.



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