Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When two people do the same ...

... and you are not aware of it, you can get in a situation where you would like to .... hmmm ... don't know how to translate this into English .... but the sense is: you get somewhat angry with yourself.

While writing the post from some minutes ago I learnt that what Webboy programmed had already been programmed by Leftmost and also submitted. We just were not aware of it.

The positive side of this is: we now know that both are great programmers.

The negative side is: we were not able to manage the programming in such a way that this double effort would have been avoided. That is really not nice for both of them. So: sorry, we will try to find a way in order to avoid this from happening again.

Well yes, we need an open accessible list where to write down our wishes and where programmers can write their note on "is on the way". So: time to think about a solution ... and we shall do that now.

Sorry again Leftmost and Webboy!


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