Friday, November 10, 2006

Success can kill

I am really grateful that Erik was able to reboot WiktionaryZ from Heathrow. It save us from another few hours of downtime. When he finally came home and when we talked, I learned that it is the popularity of WiktionaryZ that brought the system to its knees. When you look at the statistics of WiktionaryZ, you will see an upward trend and as Erik indicates, it is getting at what the current hardware can maximally handle.

It means that we have to upgrade our servers in the very near future.

The development of the software is going ahead strongly. I was told that we are now at the stage where we can start developing attributes on the level of the SynTrans records. This is techno babble for; we are ready to work on things like parts of speech functionality.

Parts of speech is Language specific. This means that two languages will not necessarily have the same parts of speech or inflections, conjugations. It means that the development is in phases.
  • Indicate that a specific part of speech exists for a language.
  • Indicate that a word that is among the translations or synonyms is a particular parts of speech
  • Indicate what conjugations / inflections are possible in a language for a specific parts of speech
  • Allow for scripts that propose what the conjugations / inflections could look like.
When you read this, it is rather glib. There are many issues that need resolving and all these issues are not mentioned. There are also several opportunities that will make for better functionality that are not indicated. But hey, this is a blog not a specification.

What IS important that this is a good time to talk about this. What I point out is that we are about to conceive of this functionality and that we do welcome comments.



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