Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Queries ... they are such great ...

Today I saw one of those queries applied to WiktionaryZ. Imagine you want to know for which expressions of a certain collection there is a defined meaning in a certain language. So you choose the language you want to translate from, choose the one you want to translate in and, if desired you choose a collection. Then you click on that neat button that says "search". What you get is a list of terms where you can work on adding the translations of DefinedMeanings. That is great, right? Well at this stage a big "thank you" to Webboy, who is the programmer of that bit.

Now imagine our OLPC Children's Dictionary ... the same feature only searching on DefinedMeaning level ... that would help us to save really a lot of time - it would not be necessary anymore to say: please care about these 5 words ... you could say: go there, insert English + your target language + select the OPLC Children's Dictionary as a collection and please do some words (even only one word). That would be really great ... I hope we will get this feature soon.

Well there is another thing I would like to mention when it comes to the OLPC Children's Dictionary ... and that is about a dump that was needed to show how we can do things - in a period when the server was down and difficult to access ... Thanks to Leftmost for helping out with that.



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