Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New languages ..

So far adding new languages to WiktionaryZ was a major pain. Erik had to do this directly in the database AND he is the only one who is allowed to do this. When you combine this with the fact that his time can be better spend in other ways, it was not great.

The good news is, Erik has created a function that allows bureaucrats to add languages. It means that we can slowly but surely add languages to WiktionaryZ. The first thing that we have done is fixed the Chinese problem; what was Chinese is now called "Mandarin (simplified)" and we have added "Mandarin (traditional)". This means that we can now add all the languages that were included in the ISO-639-2 zho code and consider script and other issues. An other thing will be adding English (United Kingdom).

My idea is to add the languages for which we have people on WiktionaryZ.. The good news is, people just need to ask, and after some consideration (scripts etc) we can honour such a request.



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