Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The relation between [[WiktionaryZ]] and the [[Wiktionaries]] is one of those thorny issues. What is the relation.. Do the Wiktionary have to be ended and merged into WiktionaryZ ??

This is a question that comes back time and time again. It is a question that can be answered in many ways and it will probably be answered many times..

The answer from the WiktionaryZ is: It is not for us to decide. It is for the Wiktionary communities to decide what they want to do once the content of their project is merged into WiktionaryZ. It is for the board to decide if they allow new Wiktionary projects once WiktionaryZ has reached its full functionality.

WiktionaryZ will attract people who are currently active in the Wiktionaries. It is each individual persons choise what he or she spends his valuable time on. For the WiktionaryZ project it is extremely important that we will attrackt wiktionarians. Wiktionarians are important because they understand what it is that makes sense to have words and more in a wiki. They understand how to deal with cranks that decide that a word like [[exicornt]] should exist. They are people interested in languages like Bambara, interested in phonetic descriptions, interested in thesauri. There are so many things the current Wiktionarians are interested in, it will keep us on our toes to make sure that we will have interesting content.



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